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Mobile Credit Card payment Processing Solutions

Give your business the competitive edge it needs by accepting mobile payments today. FruxPay provides one-on-one support to enable you to take payments on the go via your mobile devices or card reader. Reliable payment processing with quick approval makes it possible to take your business wherever it needs to go.

Book a consultation to learn more about:

  • 24/7/365 Merchant Support
  • Text to Pay (Mobile Devices)
  • Scan to Pay via QR Codes
  • Accept Mobile Payments
  • Bluetooth Readers and Wireless Terminals
  • Convenient Payment Options
Fast, Convenient Set-Up for Mobile Payments

Accepting credit card payments on your phone doesn't need to be a mystery. You can generate new business and process on-the-go payments faster with FruxPay mobile payment solutions. You can accept payment anywhere your customers can access a smartphone, tablet, or mPos.

Stay competitive by implementing mobile credit card processing technology into your operations. Revolutionize how you do business by freeing yourself from the traditional credit card processing terminals that can't keep up.

High-Performance Mobile Payment Processing

Don't compromise with payment processing solutions that don't meet all your business needs. We implement the latest technology to provide secure, reliable payment processing that meets your needs.

Businesses that travel to their customers for sales and services have to accept mobile payments. You can maintain your current operations by connecting mobile credit card processing to existing business management software.

Only settle for solutions that help you continue to grow.

Access Virtual Terminal by Phone

At FruxPay, we provide our clients with the ability to process payments from any mobile device via a virtual terminal. This allows for consistent and convenient payments when your business demands it.

Whether on the go or working from your office, a Bluetooth card reader, mobile terminal, or web-based virtual terminal allows for payments anytime, any place.

Online dashboards will include analytics and sales data.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems

Mobile POS systems, while small in size, pack a big punch. When correctly set up, they can manage all aspects of your business, including inventory, employees, payroll, and much more.

We specialize in working in the most complex environments to implement a turnkey payment solution that allows your team to execute with precision. Whether it's an outdoor music festival or incorporating a restaurant's order/pay at the table, FruxPay has a solution to get the job done.

Wireless Terminals and Bluetooth Chip Readers

Cut the power cord and try out a mobile point of sale system. These allow you and your team the freedom to move about your space.

These systems are lightweight, mobile, and battery-powered. Wifi and LTE options are available to support your business regardless of the terrain. Whether you are on the go, outdoors, or need some additional flexibility around your business location, we are here to guide and support you.

A Comprehensive Mobile Payment System

By accepting mobile payments, you are investing in your business’s long-term success in a constantly advancing market. Take comfort in that FruxPay is here for you and always has a real person you can rely on for advice, technical issues, setup, and functionality. We walk you through the process toward mobile credit card processing success.

But don’t just take our word for it! Find out why thousands of businesses are getting set up to accept mobile payments in their business.

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    Quick payment processing
  • check.png
    Instant payment confirmation
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    Increase customer satisfaction
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    Chargeback and fraud protection
  • check.png
    Provide the convenience customers expect
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    Full PCI compliance
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    Flexible payment processing options
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    Save on processing costs
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    Integrable with current operations
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    Accept payments anywhere
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