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about fruxpay

We're a full-service merchant services provider of payment
solutions that optimize workflow and help grow your business.

Revolutionizing payment processing
FruxPay partners with companies across sectors to grow revenue with disruptive payment processing solutions that meet their budgets.

FruxPay works hard to stay at the forefront of payment processing technology to offer our clients competitive and comprehensive merchant services. We bring years of experience working with national brands, including restaurants, retailers, non-profits, and businesses in every sector. We have the industry knowledge to support low and high-risk environments regardless of volume or complexity.

Companies that partner with FruxPay get customized merchant solutions based on their evolving needs and budget. We pride ourselves on providing adaptable, affordable solutions to our clients that fuel new growth. FruxPay will grow with your business and ensure your merchant services solutions are up to date as technology advances and your needs change.

Discover new possibilities for your organization when you have experts by your side for streamlined payment processing, automation, and cost reduction. Book an appointment with FruxPay to transform your credit card transaction and payment processing systems.


payments made easy
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